Thursday, January 25, 2018

He's Henry the Plumbing Cat

Henry "the kitten" is almost 9 months old. He keeps growing and growing, as you can see in this photo, taken when he was stretched out on the end of the sofa and as close to the fireplace as he could get. 

He's a long boy now

You might remember that Henry was quite a wild boy when we first brought him home from the "kitty condo" where he lived for the first part of his life. See Hello, Henry for a look at his size on arrival here, and Catastrophe Averted, for his adventures in knitting. 

My theory is that, having spent several months in a large cage, he just couldn't get enough of running and jumping and exploring every bit of our house. He has settled down somewhat since his fateful appointment with the vet, but he still likes to gallop from one end of the house to the other.

For some reason, perhaps because his new living space is so much larger than the old one, he has no desire to go outside. He will trot along with the dogs when they are headed out the door, but he stops there and sits inside looking through the window, calling to them until they return. 

He is the cat-who-runs-with-the-dogs, though. He hides and jumps out and chases them, then they chase him. There's usually some kind of entertaining ruckus going on here. 

And have I mentioned plumbing? Since giving up knitting, Henry has taken to dismantling parts of the bathrooms. He stole the hinge off the lid of the new toilet, takes out parts of the whirlpool tub jets and carries them around, and removes the sink strainers and plays hockey with them. Last night I saw a Sailor Cat out of the corner of my eye--Henry was strolling by with what looked like a pipe sticking jauntily out of his mouth. It turned out to be a Bic shaver. I wish that I had gotten a photo!

Henry thinks about a plumbing apprenticeship while lounging by the fire

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rabbits at Dawn With Snow Falling

A winter themed sweater is the perfect project for these chilly days. I found this motif on Pinterest and I see it comes from Shutterstock. I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that, except that it was called "Wayuu Mochila pattern."

I added part of this motif, also from unknown origins via Pinterest. 

Here is how it looked partway through. The sweater is off the needles now and in the finishing stage. When everything is done, I will share a photo here. 

In other news from the Zees, the former kitten Henry is getting huge. At 8 months, he weighs almost ten pounds now. His behavior is quite different from the way it was when he first arrived. I'll tell you more about him in the next post. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Simple Formula For Living

This makes the rounds of Facebook every once in awhile. To me, it's worth keeping where I can easily find it.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Orchard Before Harvest

As I'm kicking through the falling leaves
Loving the clear blue skies over this pecan orchard
And watching little dog Petey run ten miles for every mile I walk
Booming machinery works the next orchard over
 Autumn skies there patched by clouds of dust
My heart lifts a bit at this morning scene
And I feel hope, hope, hope

The frost has come

The trees stand ready

The nuts may not know what's coming


P.S. I hope you used your secret decoder rings!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Here in southern New Mexico, we're never far from scenes like this one at Three Rivers. The photos can't really convey the immense stillness and silence and isolation. No one is nearby. No one.

Long ago there was a village here, inhabited by the Jornada Mogollon people between 900 and 1400 AD.

Take the trail up the hill and look at their art work, painstakingly picked onto the rocks using stone tools. More than 21,000 glyphs have been found here, showing "birds, humans, animals, fish, insects and plants, as well as numerous geometric and abstract designs are scattered over 50 acres of New Mexico's northern Chihuahuan Desert." (New Mexico True: The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site).

A petroglyph—derived from the words “petro,” or “rock,” and “glyph,” to “carve,” or “carving”—is essentially just that, a rock carving. (Whispers of the Past Engraved in New Mexico Petroglyphs).

Looking back down the hill you can see the site of the village where the ancient rock artists lived. You can almost imagine the busy sounds of their neighborhood breaking through the vast silences we experience today.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

CATastrophe Averted

Deep into family history research last night, I was only dimly aware of thumping sounds from the other room. When I finally surfaced from the 18th century, I found Henry the kitten tearing around the living room wrapped in yarn and dragging my almost fully knit sweater behind him. It was an exciting and stimulating discovery for me, and quite an embarrassment for Henry.
All is well once again. Henry was extricated from behind the sofa and the yarn unwound from his back foot. The sweater was fished out from behind the TV, somewhat dusty but miraculously still on the needles. My skein of yarn will never look the same. The knitting bag was locked in the closet for the night and tired little Henry went to sleep with a dreamy little smile on his face.

No photos were taken during all the excitement, but here is the untangling process well underway this morning. 

A colorful project unharmed and just a few more inches to go.
Note: Also makes a good dust cloth.