Monday, February 25, 2008

More Chile Sweets

Part of being a Zee is that thing that makes me veer from subject to subject, from piñons to politics and back again. If you will recall, a few days ago we were discussing chile sweets and, as promised, here are some links to some that you can buy or make yourself.

There is a recipe for Albuquerque Piñon Red Chile Fudge on Recipezaar, or you can buy some all made by The Candy Lady in Albuquerque. They feature chocolate or vanilla red chile fudge, vanilla jalapeño fudge, and chocolate or vanilla piñon fudges.

Señor Murphy, a candymaker in Santa Fe, offers chile peanut or piñon brittle, chile cream chocolates, red and green chile jellies; and a chile addict basket that includes Red Chile Peanut Brittle, Chile Pistachios, Chile Creams, Red/Green Chile Jelly, Chile Peanuts, and Chile Pistachio Bark. For a wonderful description and some delicious-looking photos, check out what Gil's Thrilling Web Site has to say about Señor Murphy's.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Taos makes red chile fudge as well as green and red chile brittle. Their web site is gorgeous, and is probably fattening just to look at.

Check out Sweet Heat and Daring Desserts to find recipes for Piñon Pepper Brittle, Warm Chocolate Pecan Pie, New Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Devilish Mousse, all of which contain either red or green chiles.

I hope you’re still with me, because this last one is terrific. Pepperfool has some incredible recipes. By all means check out the whole web site, but first go to their Desserts page to find recipes ranging from Dave’s Insanity Squares to Jalapeño Milkshakes.

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