Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's Happening at the Pecan House

Are you all ready for Christmas? We haven't even begun to decorate. I am still working on clearing out a few last boxes that are stored in the guest room so we will be ready for some friends who are coming for a visit during the week before Christmas. Oops, next week!

Today I think we will go to Enchanted Gardens, a nursery/florist shop housed in an old house that is supposed to have some great Christmas decorations and a nice feel to it. We need to get into the holiday mood!

We are really having a lot of fun here. On Saturday, I went with Beez and Bucksnort to breakfast--huevos rancheros--at the Mesilla Valley Kitchen. Later in the day we drove down to La Viña Winery to taste and buy some nice wine, then to Stahmann Farms to get some pecans. On the way back we stopped in Old Mesilla to sit in the plaza and watch the Christmas lights come on, just as Mass was getting out at the old church.

We didn't need to get too many pecans at Stahmann's, because every time there is a little wind, lots of pecans fall into our yard from the surrounding trees! We found out that the harvest hasn't taken place yet, so we can look forward to watching that right from our patio.

Bucksnort and I visited the new Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park for the first time last week and I am going to get us an annual pass so we can go back often. It's a great place for hiking and birding, as it is located along the Rio Grande and has lots of wetlands, a real draw in this desert place.

We find that we are outdoors practically all the time here, walking and exploring. I'll be sharing lots of photos from all of these places over the next week or so.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Wow, neat stuff around you! I see why you are outdoors so much. Used to have pecan trees all around me (they were taken down for condos and apts, sigh). Best pecans are fresh ones, as long as the trees are tended. Even my dog got into cracking 'em open and eating the meat!

the7msn said...

Sounds to me like the Pecan House was your destiny. Your excitement about the new place and the new town has been shining through in all your posts since the move. I'm so happy it worked out for you all.

JC said...

You've been busy exploring your new area ...

I'm sort of ready for the Holidays but still have things to do.