Friday, March 28, 2008

My Clovis video returns

I am trying to toughen up. When I posted my very first video, My Clovis, on YouTube the negative comments got me down and I removed the video after a week or so. It had gotten 135 views, but it just didn't seem worth it to have to read harsh comments about the town every day from the same kind of bitter people who had posted the video Boycott Clovis, New Mexico.

I sent an email to the editor of the newspaper to ask why some people seemed so angry at Clovis, and if he thought there were any Clovis fans out there. And then the fun began. The editor, David Stevens, made my question his "question of the week" in the newspaper (scroll down to the Editors' Notebook on the March 28 edition) and on his blog, Falling with Style. You can see some of the great answers he received on the March 26 and March 27 posts.

This morning an op-ed piece by local media personality Grant McGee appeared on the editorial page of the Clovis News Journal print edition. You can read it online here. He talked about My Clovis and I scrambled to get the video back online. You can see it here and on YouTube at

Please feel free to comment here or on YouTube. I promise to try to be less tenderhearted this time.

~Clair Z.


Jean said...

You go girl! And hey now... the world needs more tender hearts so don't you dare try to dismantle yours. J.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through the CNJ comments on your YouTube video. It's a great blog and your video captured much of what we've come to love about Clovis in the two years we've been stationed here. Thanks for making the video and thanks for all of the wonderful info you've posted here!

LM said...

I'm so proud of you Clair!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and watched your video. Looks like a great place to live to me. (Some folks just gotta bitch no matter)

(in Maine but moving to NM June 2008!)

clairz said...

Alison, if you have any questions that I can answer, just ask away. Be sure to check out the NM forum on, too.

I'm originally from Maine--this is a very different world!


Jarvis Young said...

I left Clovis over thirty years ago. I was born in that town on September 30th, 1952. I am not famous, but I have flirted with fame. I have dined with rock stars in Madrid. I have counted many "famous" people as friends (including two former world heavyweight boxing champions and a US President). I've done some pretty cool things that most others haven't. But nothing makes me prouder than my Clovis heritage. The "boycott Clovis" video bothered me somewhat. I've lived in Dallas for over thirty years. Dallas is not my home. Clovis still is. When my Lord calls me home, although the "real me" will be with him, I want to be buried in the city that I was born in and Clovis. Clair, thank you for this.
Jarvis Young