Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Clovis

Ah, YouTube. When I saw a negative video posted there called Boycott Clovis, New Mexico I worked hard making a slide show of the photos that I have been taking since moving here. It took me quite a while to do because I have never put together a video using jpeg files before.

I thought that it might be a good idea to present a more positive view and to show the beauty that is here for those who look for it. I posted my little effort on YouTube, but soon found that I am far too tenderhearted to deal with the kind of negative comments that started appearing. Folks had apparently decided that they didn't like Clovis, and they resented any attempt to see it in a positive way. So I'm taking down my YouTube posting, and doing my best to obliterate my account there, which was under the name of "cloviscowgirl" because they already have enough clairz-type names on file.

P.S.: Things are looking up! See the March 28 posts on this blog.


BdVdB said...

I think that removing your video is not the answer. The "Comments" sections of the internet provide a home for the small percentage of the internet population with spiteful and angry views. That is where people lash out in destructive ways. The majority of people log onto youtube to watch the videos, not read the comments. These people, even if they don't comment, will see your video for what it is: a beautiful and soulful essay on why you love Clovis. Your hard work and positivity shine through. That's what matters and that's what the internet needs more of.

clairz said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, bdvdb. If I were 30 years younger I might try to convince the negativeniks that they should try to look for the positive, but it was getting so that I felt that angry stuff was jumping out of my computer at me, since YouTube kindly sends an email whenever a comment has been received. I guess I'll have to leave the confrontational stuff to the younger folks. I just want to keep on smiling through my days, like an older Pollyanna.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved to Clovis and have loved exploring a completely new and radically different environment, having fled the heaviest February snowfall on record in Portland, Maine. It's beautiful here. I love it.

I didn't see the other Clovis video but yours says it all, Clovis Cow Girl. It shows our town and its people through the same lens I must be gazing through when I get up in the morning, see the sunshine coming through the window, hear the birds singing and feel so grateful to have found my home.

Thank you for making "My Clovis" and don't worry about the trolls. They’re everywhere… they make the rest of us look so much attracdtive in comparison, what would we do without them? Keep up the excellent blogging, and thank you again. J.