Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip: Bisbee, Arizona, Part 2

After the mining industry left town, Bisbee became an artists' colony. Houses were cheap, the scenery was beautiful, ditto the weather. Eventually, the baby boomers came and added gourmet restaurants and updated the little houses, driving property prices up. There are bed and breakfasts to stay in, restaurants ranging from funky to elegant, and lots and lots of art.

For instance, in the little park near the elegant 1902 Copper Queen Hotel, the rest room doors look like this:

You will see "art cars" parked around town:

And you mustn't miss the copper-clad 1930's Iron Man statue up in Tombstone Canyon, with his hammer and spike. It's tricky to get him from the right angle, as you will see.

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Erikka said...

wow, that statue is HOT! look at those broad shoulders and slim waist. :)

the second photo was a great angle to capture his hotness.