Friday, August 20, 2010


My grandfather and just a few of his many children around 1919; my mother is front right, looking very biddable (which is not how she turned out!)

What does a blogger do when cut off from the Internet for a few days? Why, she dreams up another blog, and that's just what I have done. Keeping up three blogs* might turn out to be like juggling and keeping three balls up in the air all at once--we'll see.

The new blog is called Remember; Family history, family stories. It seems to me that the blog format would be a good way to tell about our family stew and all its ingredients, and to share old family photos and explain what I know about them. Yes, I'm feeling a bit mortal, as my baby sister just passed a big birthday milestone and another one is speedily racketing toward me. 

I hope to eventually link the people in the stories to a family tree, starting with Beez's parents and mine and working backwards. And, oops, Beez's real name might have to be revealed! I have plans to link to genealogical resources and to other family history blogs, both personal ones and how-to ones.

Speaking of how-to, my hope is that some of you might start a family history blog of your own, and that we can share ideas of how best to pass on the stories of where we came from and how we came to be.

* See "My Other Blogs" below 


Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Big Schmig - 61 is a non-event. I figure the first really big birthday event will happen around 96. Don't feel too urgent, my big sister. The world won't be re-leasing our slots to new babies for many decades. Remember, Carpe Diem looks best on a colorful bumper sticker. jk, actually I like squeezing the last drop out of every single day until I collapse. Except Saturdays. Saturdays are for snacking and remote-controlling.

clairz said...

See how quickly aging catches up with us? I thought you just turned 60, lol. Wishful thinking!

JC said...

Congrats on the new blogs .. I find I don't have time to even blog on my first one. This Summer has been a bit busy. Love your photo ...

Nan said...

What a very good idea! I've seen so many interesting ways to use a blog. Have you ever seen the one on my sidebar where a woman is posting her diaries from the early 1960s? I've also read blog diaries of older (dead) people whose descendants are publishing. Somewhere I remember seeing a blog of a World War 1 soldier. A truly great use of the internet. Have fun with yours!

Deb said...

I love this idea (as well as the charming picture of your family). I should tell you this, careful, very careful.

Nooo, noooo...I don't mean because of the crazies out there. Here's what happened to me.

My blog began as a family history kind of thing for my grandkids. I kept quiet about it until I had a post I was happy with...then I did the deed. Emailed my DearDaughter, told her to "check out this blog" and gave her the site address.

The next morning I stopped by on my way to work, and of course asked, "Did you check out the blog I sent you yesterday?"

Her response: shrugged shoulders as she's loading the dishwasher, "Yeah, I looked at it...what were you wanting me to see? It just looked like some old lady telling about how things used to be."

Uhhhh...HELLLLOOOOOOOO. To this day I've never told her that I was the old lady! hehe! I just let it drift off into blog-land, and after I stopped feeling crummy about the whole thing, I started the masterpiece (hehe) that is now whatsinmyattic. I also never have mentioned the new blog, although I have a sneaking suspicion she knows I blog. We'll talk about it some day and laugh...I guess!!!

Now, lest you think I don't have a good relationship with DD, we get along great! This is the first time I've been left speechless and just didn't know how to handle it. I'll 'fess up one of these days!!

Linda said...

Such a good idea, Clair. I will look forward to reading this, and may be inspired myself (tho 2 blogs are taxing me at the moment). But with only my father alive of that generation to do the remembering, I'm beginning to be aware of how precious family history is.

Actually, I think your Mum has a rebellious gleam in her eye even in this photo!

becky said...

I think It's a great idea. What a wonderful thing for you kids & grandkids, too! I loved looking at old pics from when my grandparents were teenagers.

You're gonna be busy w/ 3 blogs!

To Deb- I'm sure your daughter would have been much more interested if she knew it was her family... let her know!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well good for you. Sounds like a great idea if you know of your family's history. I think my Dad was working on a family history book for our family. I'm not sure far he got, though.

I can barely keep up with my one blog, even though I do have a family blog and another blog, as well. I used to just do the family blog for about two years until I switched over to the Ranch blog because noone in my family ever commented or seemed to read it.

So now I just blog for me and for other blogger friends with common insterests :)


ps By the way what does biddable mean?

clairz said...

Lisa, biddable (as I understand it) means meek, obedient, that sort of thing. Everything my mother was not.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. The only way to do three blogs for me will be to continue to update the Zees daily, and the other two as I have material. We'll see how it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I now have 5, lol, I don't think I can handle another! I don't update but 2 often. The others are about my children. Each one has their own space and I have one for the Tater Tot, too. Good luck on your new adventure. I think blogging keeps me from ever getting bored. I can't stand to be still long. When I find myself looking for something to do, there is always a blog or comments.
Have a good week.

Beth said...

I think having a family history blog is a wonderful idea, Clair. I know it will mean a lot to your children to have that available---perhaps you'll even want to put it in book form someday for them. I admire your resolve in having three blogs---I could never even keep up with one!