Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adapting a Fair Isle Motif

I came across a star motif knit into a pair of gorgeous hand spun mittens and wanted to use something similar in one of the little Knit for Kids sweaters that I was planning. A search around the internet resulted in this Spring Star pattern, found as part of a Wee Fair Isle Sweater Project (which I can no longer find online as of 7 Oct 2017).

It was meant to be done across a multiple of 26 stitches, but my pattern called for 69 stitches for the front and 69 for the back. Although you knitters most likely know all about this stuff, I was delighted when I figured out a way to repeat the motif and center it in the number of stitches I was allowed. 

First, I printed out a copy of the pattern. I planned to use both "Spring Star" and "Spring Clover" designs in my sweater.

Then I made several more copies and cut them up, trying them together this way and that, folding under and thus leaving out sections of the pattern, and even (gasp) turning some sections upside down. When I had something that I could center on my sweater front, I taped the whole thing together and attached it to my little magnetic board--all ready to knit!

For each row, I just had to repeat the pattern shown below twice, since I was knitting in the round and wanted the pattern on both the front and back of the sweater. I had to leave a few stitches in plain white at each of the sides, but that didn't affect the overall look. I was just thankful that the pattern appeared centered on both sides. 

Here is the completed sweater (click to enlarge, if you wish). You will see that I am working my way through my yarn stash and trying to use up a variety of colors before buying any more. 


Linda said...

A New Mexican Fair Isle pattern - that's a really interesting anthropological transfer!

JC said...

You are talented !!!

Mary Hulser said...

Verrry cool, wish I could knit like that!

clairz said...

Linda, LOL. JC--not so much, I just learned it out of a book and then looked up things on the internet when it came along.

Mary, we can do some of this two color knitting together when you get here. You just hold a color in each hand and knit both American and European styles at once, weaving in the ends as you go--it's lots more fun and less complicated than it sounds. The back looks pretty neat, too, if I do say so.

Miss Becky said...

it's beautiful. I've recently picked up my knitting again and could use you in a knitting circle. I forget how to do things but the internet is a wonderful place to look for and find help. I'm going to follow your example and use up the yarn I have before buying any more! have a great weekend!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Oh so pretty! I just started taking knitting classes last weekend...inpired by you and Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch. Just have learned the long tail cast on, the knit and purl stitch. Having fun, learning lots! Oh to some day be able to knit a sweater like your little ones!

Thank you!

Deb said...

When you post about doing these little sweaters it makes me glad I "know" you, Clair! This is just one of the best projects for helping others in need that I know of. Uhhhh I'm lost on the number of stitches etc as I haven't tried to knit in about 50 exaggeration! You were way above me on that part, so I just pretended I knew what I was reading! (sheepish grin here)