Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adopt a Pet!

Rescued dogs come in all shapes and sizes (and facial expressions)

Did you know that approximately 4 million adoptable dogs & cats are killed each year due mainly to overpopulation? Did you know that 25-30% of dogs for adoption in animal shelters are purebred? The other 70-75%, of course, are lovable, wonderful mixed-breed pets, just waiting for a chance to be your perfect new friend.
In an effort to help people make good choices when they adopt a dog or cat, many humane societies, SPCAs and pet rescues provide adoption counseling to help match you up with a pet for adoption.
If you have your heart set on a specific breed, before you check out a dog breeder or pet store, why not adopt a pet from a breed rescue organization? Breed rescues are groups that specialize in a particular breed of dog or cat.
Don't be fooled into thinking that animal shelters and pet rescues are filled with dog or cats that were discarded because they're "bad". Shelter pets for adoption are wonderful companions who became the victims of family tragedy, unlucky circumstances or irresponsible owners.
Did you know that many backyard dog breeders and pet stores who supply the majority of purebreds simply are selling inbred pets without care for preventing genetic problems? Mixed breed pets have less inbreeding, generally less inherited genetic disease, and therefore overall lower vet bills and happier pets! And the best place to find a mixed breed dog or cat is at an SPCA, a humane society or an animal shelter. (from Adopt a Pet.com)


Beth said...

That is an adorable trio there in your picture, Clair. I'd say that that photo alone should convince anyone that shelter pets can be wonderful!

becky said...

Cutie Pies, all!
If I had the space, and a permanent home, I'd likely be off to adopt a pet now. My last kitty 20 some years ago was from the Shelter. It's very sad those statistics... and I've seen on TV about the "breeders-"
some very bad scenes out there.
Nice post, Clair.

JC said...

Your three are very cute.

Sandy ~~~ said...

And...there are places you can "adopt" that aren't in the form of shelters. I've adopted two retired racing Greyhounds through Greyhound Pets of America. They are a greyt group of people throughout the country who pick up the dogs at the track when their racing career has ended. They neuter them, vaccinate them, clean teeth and foster them until a lucky owner like me comes along!

Phyllis said...

A subject near and dear to my heart!

I know the facts all too well.

EG Wow said...

Excellent post. I agree that shelters are wonderful places to look for pets.

morningbrayfarm.com said...

Thank you for posting this!!! So absolutely spot on.

Kate said...

Except for one dog, early in our marriage (a Norweigan Elkhound) all of our dogs have been rescue dogs and each of them have given us much joy and love with tons of memories.