Wednesday, May 18, 2011

St. Mary's at Hill

We pass this little church on a curve in the back road to Hatch, New Mexico. It always intrigues me because I know it was built during the time of Preacher Hunter Lewis, who used to walk, hitchhike, or ride the train from Mesilla Park up to the little town of Hill to preach here and to minister to his widespread New Mexican flock. 

The church is lovely and built of stone, as so many Anglican/Episcopal churches seem to be.

These are the hills that the little church faces across the road. On the day that we were there a little dark-haired girl was singing and dancing all by herself on the bank of the river that runs along at the foot of these hills.


JC said...

I love old churches.

becky said...

Reading your post, I thought of that Willie Nelson song "Time of the preacher." Great song, great album! It is a neat little church, though now I have become partial to the old adobe churches.
About the little girl- I hope she sings & dances all her life. Sometimes I'm out in the woods & have that desire, but I think "what if someone sees me- they'll think I'm nuts!" Why do we think it's ok when we're a kid, but when we grow up, we think we need to act as such?!
Have a good day, Clair.

clairz said...

Becky, if I came across you singing and dancing alone in the woods, I would keep that happy picture in my mind and heart. Then I would blog about it, of course!

urban muser said...

I love that second photo!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is a new New Mexico view!! We missed it! Must come back ;>)

I look forward, by the way, to reading posts of your next road trip (w/signs and statutes)!!!