Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Story

True story: I was out on the porch the other day, knitting and looking around at the world, when a hummingbird repeatedly buzzed me. 

He kept going back to the feeder, then flying around my head. 

I checked the feeder, found it was empty. 

When I filled it and came back out, he was sitting on the empty hook, waiting.

I hung the filled feeder where he could reach it. Then he was happy again. 

Here are some hummingbird pictures that I took last summer. I still like them. The music features an African drum called a ngungu that mimics the sound of a wild pig. It also reminds me of the hum of hummingbird wings. 


becky said...

That is too funny, Clair! I've had them buzz me at my mom's when the feeders were full- I don't know why, maybe they were just saying hello. You've got some great shots in your slideshow- I love how they use their tail feathers as rudders, or brakes when they come in for a landing. Hope those winds didn't beat you up too much yesterday afternoon... I was starting to feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Great movie, the pictures, the music, everything, and such magical little creatures!

urban muser said...

that is so neat that the hummingbird asked to be fed. kind of acting like a dog, i'd say. fun story.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

We are like expect parents here...happy for your successful "family" of hummingbirds, but a little jealous because we are still waiting! Just can't seem to draw the little helicopter birds to our property. Last summer the closest we got was when one flew past me as I was on the porch, then came back and hovered a moment. I was so excited...but we've not seen one since!

clairz said...

Thank you all for your comments. Becky, the wind today kept blowing all the liquid out of the hummingbird feeder. Deb, because of the drought here, the plants that the hummingbirds usually feed on aren't blooming and they especially depend on feeders this year. I'm filling them up as fast as I can.