Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's a Family Tradition: He Scares Us All

This is me, pointing out the mother who needs to come and get me. Now. 

A couple of years later, I am still reaching for my parents.

Here is little Billy, who (much later) became my husband. 
I can't imagine why Sinister Santa is poking him in the stomach. Neither can he. 

  Ah, Uncle Ronny.  You just know he is about to shriek.

Uncle Ronny again, with brother Billy along for courage. 
He wants the gift, but the terror! The terror!

 Billy and Ronny, older yet. Billy gets the game, Ronny still knows the fear. 

Another generation: Dee loves Santa, you can tell

Third generation: Grandson Mason is pretty sure that Santa is there to steal his ears. 

Even our dogs know that Santa is a scary guy. 
Petey screams; Leny just begs with her eyes. Take me home! 


Sylvia K said...

Oh, what fun shots, Clairz!!! Funny how the very image of the holiday all kids love can cause such "terror"!! Love your post for the day! Thanks for the giggles!! Hope you and your family are getting ready for a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!!

Linda said...

I share your unease! The dog is hilarious.

Kate said...

All the photos are treasures, and you are so lucky to be able to find so many old ones! Someone in your family is an historian! Is it you?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fun... and funny series. It is odd how every generation we all plop our kids down on this perfect stranger's lap and expect all smiles in return. When really the only sane response on the part of the kids is sheer terror!.

clairz said...

Kate, I guess I am a family historian of a sort. I have a family history blog (needs work!) at I always plan to work more on it every New Year.

NMgran said...

Clairz, I love your blog and have followed it for the past 2 yrs. It had a lot of influence on my decision to move to New Mexico in July! I love your sock photos and would love to have a link to your pattern(s). Would you consider sharing them?? Thank you so much for your wonderful stories and photographs!

clairz said...

NMgran, you have no idea how nice it is for me to read your comment. I hope you are enjoying New Mexico. I wasn't sure from your comment if you came last July or are planning to come next July. This is an especially magical time here, so I hope you get to experience the Christmas season, New Mexico-style.

The pattern I have used for all my socks is the one from Red Heart at At first, I also referred to an illustrated sock tutorial from so that I could get through the hard parts. The first sock was so difficult for me; I knit/tore out/knit it three times before it was right. After that, the second sock was a breeze!

I hope to hear from you some more. I'd love to know how your sock knitting is coming along.