Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photos from The Pintada Kid

If you've never heard of the Pintada Kid, go to the top of this blog, right under the header photo, and click on "The Pintada Kid" tab. There you will find links to the posts on this blog telling his unique life story, starting with growing up in a sheep camp in central New Mexico; and the tale of his life's work, the investigation of one of New Mexico's unsolved murder mysteries, The Heberer-Lorius Case.

The Pintada Kid is a unique New Mexico character; I can't imagine anyone like him anywhere else. He recently sent me some photos, which I am passing on to you. Descriptions of each photo are in his own words (in italics). 

The Pintada Kid at the Historical Indian Writings. 
Note the Big Snake called a Vivoron by the Old People.

The Area of the Longwalk, [known as] the Pintada Trail, the shortest route from Ft Defiance to Ft Sumner. It is also the Playground of the Pintada Kid. 

(Note from ClairZ: You can read about the Navajo "Long Walk" in this article from the Office of the New Mexico State Historian).

My Lady Friend Holding a Big Rattlesnake that was Guarding the Resting Place of the Heberer Lorius People.

Vaughn City Park after a Blizzard Snowstorm
[You can see that PK takes the road less traveled!]

 The Pintada Kid at a Sacred Indian Ground. 
The Old People called these Rocks Los Paragues; the Pintada Kid named them the Mushroom Rocks. 
I named the one on my right shoulder E.T.  


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Clair how wonderful it must be to know such a unique character and to be able to learn so much about your state from someone who knows so many stories about it. thanks to him and you for sharing. (His lady friend with that snake is awe-inspiring!...I'm not really phobic about creepy crawlies, but I'm not that brave by far!)

Tommy Tomorrow said...

When i killed that over 5 ft Rattlesnake with my ski pole there was snow on the ground and it was muddy. This Big Rattlesnake was warming itself on the Rocks of the cliff where the bodies of Heberer Lorius people will be found. Its a very secluded place and no one bothers the Rattlesnakes so they can grow over 7 foot or longer. el pintada kid