Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knit for Kids Sweater Chart

When knitting sweaters using the Knit for Kids 10th Anniversary pattern, I ran into trouble a couple of times. There were no problems with the simple pattern itself, but I sometimes transposed numbers and occasionally ended up with some odd proportions, which meant ripping out some rows. So, I made a chart with large print and different font colors for each size for quick reference, to be used along with the complete directions. My copy is printed out and enclosed in a plastic page protector so I can keep it with my current project in my basket of yarn.

Please note that in the "Cast on" column, the "x 2" refers to the way I knit the pattern on round needles--for size 2, I cast on 61 x 2 (122) stitches with markers to separate the front and back, then knit round up to the yoke. Then half the stitches go on a stitch holder, and I add on and knit for the front yoke/sleeves per the original directions, and then repeat for the back yoke/sleeves. If you are knitting one side of the sweater at a time on straight needles, you should just cast on 61 stitches for size 2, 65 for size 4, etc.

To print out your own chart, click on the one below, enlarge it if you wish, and print. Remember, this is the 10th Anniversary pattern, not the basic pattern that Knit for Kids started out with. As they say, they "resized the traditional pattern to better fit slender children and added longer sleeves for greater warmth. The sweater now fits snugly at the bottom with a ribbing stitch."


Towanda said...


Now I am totally confused.

Some of the numbers in your pattern are different than the numbers for a size 2 (which I am knitting.) I printed my pattern from the Knit for Kids website.
For instance, I cast on 66 stitches, but your chart shows 61.

For the bottom border, my pattern shows 10 rows; your shows 8.

The body in my pattern calls for 8.5" for the body; yours says 9.5".

Sleeves: I have 28 stitches each end; you how 28.


Are the differences because you have made changes in the basic pattern....or do you think they changed the pattern on the site .... or am I completely mixed up? How could so many of the numbers be different?????

I'm ready to go climb the mesa with Lin and contemplete nature!!! haha....

Towanda said...

Correction: My pattern says 28 stitches for the sleeve ends; yours shows 32.

clairz said...

Thank you for reading the post so carefully.

I believe that you are using the "basic pattern" and my chart goes along with the directions for the "10th Anniversary pattern." I've gone back and edited the post so that it this point is clearer. According to Knit for Kids, they made a narrower and longer sweater pattern for their 10th anniversary to better fit slender children.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your sharp eyes!


Towanda said...

clair! Oh that answer really helps!

I thought the sweater I am making was a little boxy shaped.

When I start the second one, I will go to the site and find the Anniversary pattern.