Friday, January 4, 2008

Magic Wave Hits Clovis?

Ah, the retired life. Things are easy, things are slow. There's plenty of time to think things over, to look at the news, and to draw some conclusions. This morning's Clovis News Journal (there is an online edition) has a couple of interesting ads in the Lost and Found section. I see that someone has lost a black handbag. The very next ad tells us that someone else has found a white rabbit...

For some very real magic, take a moment to watch Barack Obama's victory speech after the Iowa caucus. It's all about change we can believe in.


j said...

Thank you so much for the link, Clair. I've been so cynical about politics for so long that I didn't even consider watching the Iowa goings-on because I didn't particularly relish having to listen to a voice that sends very unpleasant chills down my spine declaring victory.

Obviously, I haven't been able to work up much enthusiasm for Hilary but I had resigned myself to the probability that she was going to be my choice in November. So much for what I know about inevitability. Of late, I've been considering the idea that by assuming something, I bring it one step closer to reality. Here's the perfect chance to exercise my manifestation muscles!

I think I'll assume something a little more progressive for my political future. I think I'll assume that I won't simply be voting by anti-republican default in November. I think I'll assume that I'll be voting for someone I actually believe in.

Is that an example of the HOPE that Obama talks about? I think it just might be. How very refreshing to be able to shed a layer of my cynicism.

Towanda said...

I don't want to step on anyone's enthusiasm (or cynicism) here, but could someone tell me exactly what it is that qualifies Barack Obama to be president? I am looking for specific accomplishments, etc.

Talking a good talk doesn't cut it for me in a presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

from the top of a Hill in N.H.

Wow a blog on politics. OK so I'm an Independant who likes to read and research topics in the New York Times. Read about Barry Obama (note he changed his name) and found disturbing facts, some small, some large. He is a smooth talker and writer, but the substance is somewhat missing. Now in the latest debates he is back tracking to fill in some holes in what he believes and what he might do..He uses the word change as if always means something positive.. The present administrations gave us lots of changes. We're in a WAR with the lives both female and male are being lost or affected for life, our economy is suffering, your library book list may be checked over by Uncle Sam, -- oh I could go on and on. China doesn't have to defeat us in battle, they will own us soon.

I've benn looking for more substance than those who offer just change. Found some candidates who have worked for it like Hillary Clinton. I first was going for another candidate and then I reseached and read all the accoomplishements that this woman has completed. Do we not vote for her because she is a woman? Many people both male and female in NH have said that. She can't win. Wow what does that say about our American society and values? Have any daughters. Study hard girls but you can only achieve just so high. We can vote in one minority that is male but not a woman.

Sorry folks I'm female and I have not had any problem seeing the light when it comes to her being an advocate for children's health care, national guard health care, for children receiving eduactinal opportunities,facing tough decisions on bills trying to limit the war measures,and working with both Democrats and Republicans to push through meansures in the Senate.
She's had many personal challenges and she has handled them and moved on. She is a hard working advocate for people and she listens to people. As an Independant and with just one little vote card, I will be proud to check her name in Tuesday's Presidental primary election. OH my and I hope that others will as well, not because she is a woman but because she is the best candidate to get this country back on track, financially and with some caring for the lower and middle classes. Bush has made many billionaires while in office. These top powered Republicans should give the country a break and let us recover. Hopefully give us time to get out of debt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clair,

We all remember you at Ellis and we miss you too. Sara D. provided the link to your blog. I can see you have been very busy. The people you have been helping to learn to read are very fortunate to have your help.

I love the pictures of Francine with Hillary. I got to see Hillary too and ran face to face into Tim Russet. Gail W. got to ride in the bus with Obama, too. It is really fun being the "first in the nation" (except for all the phone calls). I really love your Governor, you must be glad to have him back.

Take Care, Clair and enjoy retirement.
-Dotty B.