Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary

When we lived in New Hampshire, we hosted house parties to organize early campaign strategies in the last election for governor. That, together with the fact that my husband once ran for the state legislature, put us on all kinds of mailing lists. We were invited to "meet the candidate" house parties, big dinners for the party faithful, and picnics and rallies all over the state. Of course, we were also invited to contribute either time or money to the campaign of our choice.

This is such an exciting time for people who live in New Hampshire. Yes, I'm sure plenty of them will be relieved when the media rushes away tomorrow in the early hours and life starts getting back to normal. However, I don't think that there is any other place in America where regular people get to take part in politics in such a personal way. Every person there has a chance to meet the candidates--in a living room, a school gym, or a restaurant.

My friend Francine had the opportunity to introduce Hillary Clinton to the crowd in Dover, NH yesterday. Here are some photos commemorating that occasion that were taken by friends in the crowd. Sorry they are blurry, but they were the best that could be captured at the moment. Right now Francine is out doing what so many in New Hampshire are doing today--standing up for the candidate of her choice, shaking hands, and holding signs. Stay warm, Francine.

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Francine said...

Hi there,

Well, the results of NH's primary are coming in and Oh my, Hillary is ahead. The polls and news people predicted she would be behind by 10% points. Isn't it wonderful when predictions fail.

Yes, I was out there working until 7 PM when the polls closed and then waited an hour for the final count in my town.

Whatever happens throughout the primaries throughout the country , it is great to be a part of it. I'm glad to have been a very tiny part of it, and tomorrow life as usual returns.

Francine IN NH