Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Duke of the Dutch Oven

We had our first cowboy cooking yesterday at the "Duke of the Dutch Oven"--the 1st annual Clovis Chuck Wagon Cook-Off at the Curry County Fairgrounds. It was the best!

Our clothes still smell like campfire smoke and we had our first chicken-fried steak. It was our first chicken-fried anything and absolutely delicious--so were the potatoes and cream gravy, served up hot out of big iron kettles. The yeast rolls were baked in a Dutch oven with live coals shoveled onto the lid. The pinto beans were the best I've ever had.

I think the peach cobbler might have had a little Jack Daniels in it. The wagon boss of the Cocklebur Camp out of Odessa, Texas said that it was a special "vanilla" that was only made in Tennessee. It was so delicious and had such a kick that when I ate mine a little too fast I had to rest in the shade for a while, listening to a young fiddler who was going from group to group.

We met the nicest people, enjoyed the sunniest day, heard the best bluegrass, and watched some mighty fine calf roping. We're heading back this morning for some more cowboy cooking.

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