Friday, May 9, 2008

The World's Richest Chuckwagon Cook-Off

Ever since attending the "Duke of the Dutch Oven" Chuck Wagon Cook-Off, my husband and I have become a big fans. We plan to attend the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium up in Ruidoso this October if we can get tickets for this popular event. It's the site of what they call "World's Richest Chuckwagon Cook-Off," where the contestants are judged on their overall authenticity and their cooking, with prizes totaling $10,000. After all my research on these events, some of the past competitors are starting to sound familiar--the C Bar C outfit, Diamond W Ranch, the J.L. Cattle Company, and the Rocking T. I see that my favorite team, Cocklebur Camp out of Odessa, Texas, won second place in 2006 for their incredible peach cobbler.

The Food Network did a special on the chuck wagon cooking that happens in Ruidoso. You can see information about that episode on their website here, and view pictures of past events on

In addition to all the cooking and eating activities, the symposium will feature storytellers, cowboy poets, horse trainers, and country bands. There will be blacksmithing, rope trick demonstrations, leather crafting, and even some tomahawk throwing!

Maybe we'll see you there.

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