Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Enchantment" in New Mexico

An incredible sense of peace

Erikka in Massachusetts left a comment on this blog asking if New Mexico has vortexes (or vortices) like the ones believed to be in Arizona. I had to look up the word and found that a vortex, in this sense, is a "swirling center of healing energy" and that Sedona is believed by some New Ageists to have several. I couldn't find anything scientific to back up this theory (except a possible measure of residual magnetism in the vortex areas), nor could I find anything about any such places in New Mexico.

Having said all that, I have felt some amazing things in certain places in New Mexico. It may just be that I am experiencing an incredible sense of peace, or that I am overwhelmed by the surrounding beauty, or it may be just an awareness of so much ancient history--but I come away with the feeling that "The Land of Enchantment" is an apt name for our state. So I asked my fellow New Mexicans and New Mexico fans on the City-Data New Mexico Forum if they had ever had any such experiences. The answers are ongoing and you can keep up with the discussion here.

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