Monday, October 25, 2010

In the October Garden

I have spent the summer planting--small trees, flowering shrubs, and perennial plants. I love anything that blooms and gives color, so by choosing new plants based on the flowers I have admired in other people's gardens around town I have been rewarded with a summer of color that has continued on into fall. I can't wait to see these plants next spring, after they've had some time to really take hold.

Right now, with our chilly nights in the high forties and our sunny days in the high seventies, the garden is hanging on and filling me with delight.

My pretty geranium, purchased at the Farmers Market. I will take the pot inside to winter over

Just as in my New England garden, the green tomatoes are trying to ripen before the first frost. This plant took forever to flower, but we have been harvesting ripe tomatoes for fresh salsa and there are still green ones aplenty

A chrysanthemum plant bought several years ago and transplanted here from a planter in Clovis is really taking off

I am such a fan of blue flowers, and these salvia blossoms, newly planted, please me no end. They are attracting a lot of butterflies, too.

Opuntia and hens & chicks. This cactus was the very devil to transplant and we worked at getting cactus spines out of our skin for days in spite of all our careful precautions (heavy gloves and layers of newspaper wrapped around the plant, which worked just fine with the other cacti). This tricky cactus has two kinds of spines: The big, easily seen ones at the top of this plant; and tiny glochids with backward-facing barbs that you can see in this picture as part of the polka dots. If you ever get stuck with these, here are some methods for removal. You can see just the tiniest blush of lavender at the top of the pad. When we move into winter the entire pad will turn this wonderful color.


JC said...

That's great that your weather is still nice and your plants are still showing you lovely colors. It's total fall here with leaves everywhere and my plants are hiding til next Spring.

becky said...

Hey there Clair~
first I have to say again how much I LOVE that header photo! Our temps have been in the low 40's at night & high 50's during the day, so it's funny to see you still have tomatoes! Fresh salsa sounds delish!
Glad your plants are bringing color, butterflies & joy!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Lucky you! All my flowers are gone, the beautiful leaves are drenched with about 2 inches of rain over the last 36 hours...and landslides and downed trees are closing roads. Snow is falling at White and Stevens Pass..mixed snow and rain at Snoqualamie. Ugh, time to hibernate.

thesouthernlady64 said...

Your flowers are still pretty! I have green tomatoes but I don't think for much longer. Have a good week.

Martha Z said...

I too am hoping for a few last tomatoes to ripen. There are some new buds on the roses now that the summer heat is gone. I know that the growing season is about over here, time to clean up the garden and think of spring.
Your header is amazing, grat capture!

Quiet Paths said...

You still have weather in the 60's and up. We are hovering in the 30's. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful plants. They like that sunshine!