Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mañana is Soon Enough for Me

The window it is busted and the rain is coming in
If someone doesn't fix it I'll be soaking to my skin
But if we wait a day or two the rain may go away
And we don't need a window on such a lovely day
Mañana, mañana, mañana is soon enough for me
Mañana, mañana, mañana is soon enough for me
~Lyrics by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour

The tile job on the living room and study floors (see this post and this one) took longer than anyone thought it would, but the results were worth it. I hope you agree. We waved good-bye to the tile ninjas a couple of days ago and it was like sending family members off into the great unknown. They knew a lot about us by the time they left and we knew a lot about them. We will be seeing them again in the future, because I bought way too many tiles and we want to use them in a couple of other places in the house. 

This is the "before" shot of the living room, when things were shoved around and the carpet was suddenly being pulled up (after many mañanas when nothing happened at all). In all fairness, it turned out that the tile boys were employed elsewhere sweeping chimneys, something we didn't understand at the beginning.  The existence of the other job explained a lot about sudden disappearances and reappearances.

Believe me, the old carpet never looked this good in real life. It was spotty and harboring heaven-knows-what down in its depths. It was less than fragrant, I'll tell you, though you probably didn't want to know that. 

Here is the living room after we apparently traded the old carpet for new tile and a sheepdog. Actually, that is our Canadian visitor, who was happy to experience the feel of the cool tile down here in the desert.  

A little tile detail, which is being appreciated by our newest addition, Little Pete. His name has somehow begun to morph into Paulie Beans (aka Pablo Frijoles). He always has a dirty face and a madly wagging tail. 

This is the new floor in the study, with everything the same as in the next room except for the green tiles in the trim. Beez has some big plans for this room and has a desk set up looking out the window, through the orchard, and up to the mountains. It will either be a great place for writing or a lovely place to sit by the fire and admire the view. 


Mary Hulser said...

'Tis beautiful, can't wait...and by the way, the well folks struck water at 240 feet yesterday...waiting to see what happens overnight.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great job, worth the wait I hope. The ways of contractors, especially in New Mexico.

the7msn said...

Definitely worth the wait - and what fun it will be to retell the tile/chimney ninja stories every time you have visitors.

becky said...

Clair, Absolutely love your new tile! It looks great & goes so much better w/ your kiva... somehow I don't picture carpet in a real adobe. Little Pete looks extremely happy in his new surroundings!
Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Your floors are just beautiful and I know you are thrilled with them. You will spend many happy hours enjoying this tile. They did such a great job. It is so pretty!

JC said...

Isn't it nice when a project is finally done ... we also took out our old carpets (a few years back) and put in tile.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooooh! The tile turned out beautifully! Nice accent dogs, too! hehe!

I love your lovely kiva fireplaces, too.

Manana is always good when it comes. :)


Aimee said...

looks beautiful I want new floors :(

Beth said...

Your floor is gorgeous, Clair. I know you and your doggies will enjoy it. And Little Pete looks right at home. I love the story of how you and he found each other.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Beautiful!!! I love my tile in our New Mexico house, it's colored like yours, looks just like saltillo without the upkeep. Can't wait til the day that I wake up and see it at my feet.

Deb said...

Wow, it is quite a transformation. The best thing about getting things torn up for a project is "after picture" day! Your new little pup looks like a pair we had as kids...Sissy and Hoss (named for the Bonanza character). Sissy could jump rope with the kids and howled like a wolf when the Rival dog food commercial played on TV. Yes, I lived in the nut hut! Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your little guys face!!