Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday Night Football

Last Saturday night, Beez and I went with friends to the New Mexico State University vs. Boise State football game, held at Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces. 

We had great seats and arrived in plenty of time to see all the pre-game drills.

The view--of both the field and the Organ Mountains--was absolutely wonderful.

Look at those mountains! We got to watch the sunset.

If I were still living in New Hampshire I would think, Hmm, game in October, seats in the shade, brr... But here in New Mexico it was a hot afternoon and the shade was very welcome. When the sun went down the air temperature was warm and balmy. Just perfect for shirt sleeves.

Boise State had no trouble with the poor Aggies. The final score was 59-0, but that was almost beside the point. We had so much fun with the folks sitting around us that we almost hated to leave, although sitting on a hard bench for several hours isn't exactly my idea of fun. Next time I'll watch the game on TV at home, comfortably sitting much closer than we were to the rest rooms and snack bar. There will be no steep stairs, and I'll be able to knit as I watch. 

Besides, I'm a baseball fan. I don't ever remember noticing any hard seats at the Red Sox games we went to in Boston!

P.S. If you would like to hear the New Mexico State University "Pride of New Mexico" Marching Band performing before the game, I've posted the video that I made of them on YouTube, so you can watch and listen. It was taking way too long to load here.


JC said...

That would have been nice. We don't get too many warm days where you can watch outside. Wish I could move your way. Get one of those cushions or a blanket. And, I've heard that Boise is good. I bet you had a grand time ...

becky said...

Hi Clair, I'm really not a sports fan, but it does look like a beautiful stadium. Not many people there, or were the shots taken early? I've gone to a baseball game & a football game in San Diego & the crowds were unimaginable... so this looks quite lovely.
Off the subject, I saw your comment on Randy's blog... do you still do hand spinning? I was also thinking about the pottery class you took w/ the Japanese Artist... do you still have pieces from that class?
Looking forward to a post on "Clair the Artist..."
hint, hint :) :) :)

clairz said...

@JC: My next football game will be viewed from a comfy recliner in my living room!

@Becky: Yes, the pictures were taken well before the game started. Lots more people eventually arrived, but the place was by no means filled up. And once the game was so clearly lopsided (eventual score 59-0) lots of folks just went back out to the parking lot to continue tailgating!

I still have my spinning wheel and some really nice wool and alpaca fibers to spin up. Thanks for the blogging idea--I should get to work. Re the pottery, no pieces survived, as the pottery classes were many, many years ago and in Canada. They were nothing that anyone would ever want to see--very short and squatty. Now, your latest pot is magnificent!