Friday, March 6, 2009

Six Words; Just Can't Leave Them

If you would like to hear an interview with author Larry Smith (Not Quite What I Was Planning), go to Talk of the Nation on the National Public Radio web site right here

A few more memoirs from the book:
Revenge is living well, without you (Joyce Carol Oates)
After Harvard, had baby with crackhead (Robin Templeton)
70 years, few tears, hairy ears (Bill Querengesser)

And wait, there's more. Here's another NPR link to a discussion of six word memoirs, and yet a few more reader-submitted memoirs found on that page:

Job stinks. Art doesn't pay. Dang. (Peter Nelson)
Broken. Picked up. Dropped. Life sucks. ("Leah")

A double contribution from our own Auntie Bucksnort (written after a day of spring cleaning projects):

right tool, right job... sound back. 
wrong tool, wrong job... ice pack 


Must stop blogging. Apron. Supper. Husband.

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