Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing with iPhoto

I've wanted to try some sepia effects ever since seeing Linda's horse and burro photos a couple of days ago on her blog, The 7MSN Ranch. 

I've been missing our old Adobe Photoshop ever since our old laptop crashed, so I thought I'd try out iPhoto on the new Mac Notebook. Very easy, fun effects. Here are my results.

1. Church in Cerrillos, NM, along the Turquoise Trail. 
2. Building on the main street of Lincoln, NM
3. Old gate, Lincoln, NM


the7msn said...

Well done!

June Saville said...

Love sepia and generally mucking around with pix Clair. Adds an extra dimention that's for sure. By the way Pip's back on Journeys in Creative Writing.
June in Oz