Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What He Said

Hardly any rubber left on the tires after all our driving

We've been driving hundreds of miles every weekend lately, looking for the perfect place for our retirement home. As a place for my retirement, this home where we live works for the moment. However, Beez will retire in another year and we will no longer be tied to Clovis, with its feedlots and ultra-conservative culture. We just don't fit in, although we have enjoyed our time here. It's been a very stress-free place to live, except for when the conversation turns to gun ownership or politics or religion. I'm sorry to say that it often does.

For an explanation of how we've gotten to where we are, you couldn't do better than to read this post, called Circles, written by our very own Beez with a comment from Auntie Bucksnort, who is certainly involved with us in all these life changes.


Rain said...

I read his post, sounds like a great place to live. Good luck with it

Sylvia K said...

I know you're enjoying your travels lately and it does sound like so much fun! Hope you find the perfect place and I'm holding good thoughts for all of you!


Val said...

I hope the CL deal goes through for you. There are so many nice people who live there - and a great little public library! Good wishes!

clairz said...

Rain and Sylvia, thank you for your good thoughts. Val, the library there is a big attraction--we visited one Saturday years back and everyone was so friendly and welcoming that we never forgot it. The librarian introduced us to everyone who came through the door.