Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spooky Tales from New Hampshire and New Mexico

Reading Judy's blog post the other morning--Do You Believe in Things That Go Bump in the Night?--I realized that quite a few spooky tales have appeared right here on The Zees. Since the October chill is in the air and we are all drawing a little closer to our fireplaces in the evening, what better time is there to remind you of these ghostly stories?

They start out with the strange happenings in our old Colonial home in New Hampshire, and continue out west with us to New Mexico, where the wide open expanses and lonely dark roads give rise to the spookiest tales of all--the skinwalker stories of the Navajos.

Creepy back hall in the 1770 house
From The House on High Street; Living in an Antique Colonial:

Skinwalker Tales:

Skinwalker Tales: Introduction, definition, and the story of the newspaper delivery woman

Skinwalker Tales, Part 2: Anglo encounters with skinwalkers

Skinwalker Tales, Part 3: A shapeshifter dog, a dog snatched up by a skinwalker, and a shapeshifter in the bathtub

Skinwalker Tales, Part 4: The strange creature on the cliff

Skinwalker Tales, Part 5: Living with a Navajo witch

Skinwalker Tales, Part 6: Chased by a skinwalker on the way home from a party (ever notice how many skinwalker sightings happen on the way home from a party?)

Skinwalker Tales, Part 7: Tales from the City-Data New Mexico Forum

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Beth said...

Oh my, Clair...I'd never read about your laundry ghost---that was amazing. You were very brave--I don't know if I would have had the courage to retrieve the laundry before fleeing down the stairs! I've never had an experience that vivid, but I certainly have felt the presence of spirits and very much believe that they exist.