Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Skinwalker Tales, Part 6

From Skinwalker Stories (minimally edited for clarity):

My cousin and I were at a party. We decided it was late so we wanted to go home. We asked our friend if he could give us a ride, but he was too drunk to walk. So we started to walk down the street and had that funny feeling that something was watching us.

We thought it would be safe to walk through the wash. We were staying at my grandparent's house about five to ten miles away from the party in the middle of nowhere. We knew the wash like we knew the back of our hand, but it was pitch black outside. We didn't care. So we kept on walking. After 30 min. of walking we had that funny feeling again. We turned around and seen a dark figure walking. It was about 100 feet behind us our so. The we heard it laughing. By that time we were already scared and didn't know what to do. So we started to walk faster and faster. Yet it was like we could hear it breathing right beside us. Then we took off into a sprint, trying to get away from the creature but it didn't work.

It caught up to us. At that point it was running with us just laughing. Then it stopped and we got a good lead on it. It would pop up in front of us laughing. It was to dark to make out the facial features but it hade long pointed ears with a pointed noise, its eyes were the same color as a dogs. Me and my cousin were praying as hard as we could, praying in the name of Jesus for the beast to leave. Yet every time we would start to pray it would just laugh and laugh as if we were fools. Then we stopped to catch our breath it was gone. We dropped to our knees crying and trying to remember some verses in the bible our grandfather had thought us as we were growing up.

It came back. Walked around us in the shadows. Leaving and then coming back. I don't remember what we yelled out but it had left for the time being. We reach our grandparents house. They have no electricity and running water. The ordinary Navajo house. We got inside crying like no other. our grandparents asked us what happened, and we told them of what had happened. They looked at us as if they seen it before, and they described it to us.

Later that night it had came back to us as we were sleeping. My cousin was the first to find out that it was running around outside. He woke me up and was whispering in my ear "He's Back" so this time I was so scared that I grabbed my 12 guage shotgun. We prayed over the house and for our protection and we opened the door and it was gone. We never seen it again.

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Towanda said...

clair - I don't know whether to look forward to each new installment or beg you to stop - these stories can be terrifying!!!