Saturday, August 2, 2008

Skinwalker Tales, Part 3

More tales, quoted from Ghost

Another time a person was working at another convenience store down the road and had just finished cleaning the parking lot when he noticed a huge dog walking by the pumps. Not thinking anything about it he ran over to the dog to chase it away from the trash cans. That's when he noticed it had no tail and it's eyes were glowing red. He ran back into the store and locked the doors. He saw the dog run behind the main trash bin and talked himself into going back out and downplaying it as imagination. He didn't want the "dog" to spread trash all over the place after all the work he had done. Behind the large trash bin is a sandy area with no bushes or trees, just sand. When he followed the tracks around the back of the bin he saw that the tracks just ended. He became extremely frightened and ran back inside. By that time he was pretty much convinced of what he saw. He kept the doors locked the rest of the night and only opened them to let customers in. When his shift was over he returned to his car and started to open it when he noticed huge paw prints all over the top of the was in plain sight. He never saw anything out of the ordinary that would account for the tracks. He had the night off the next night and was spending time with his young nephews outside looking at the stars. One nephew was old enough to walk while the other needed to be held. As they were looking at the stars all the night sounds stopped. No crickets, nothing. The older nephew grabbed him by the leg while the younger one wrapped his arms around my friends neck and started to cry. My friend took his nephews back to the house and as he sat him down on the floor he happened to look back and saw something huge sitting on the roof of his car. he turned to his brother in law and asked him to a look at what he was seeing. When he turned back to located it again, it was gone. Later on that night he was lying in bed with his window open trying to sleep. He had to window open to allow a breeze in. As the curtains were blowing back and forth he kept seeing something through the breaks in the curtains. That when he realized it was a face looking down at him with glowing red eyes. It stayed for about 3 minutes and then was gone. About 2 am the family was awakened by the sound of running feet across the roof of the house. They ran outside with guns but could never see what was causing the noise. Finally they called a relative who was a Singer to deal with the problem and the situation finally ended. He was told later by the Singer that he had somehow offended the skinwalker.

Another Friend who was half Zuni and half Navajo used to visit her relatives in Crystal New Mexico and she resided in Window Rock at the time. During one of her visits to her relatives she went to a get together and didn't have a ride back and decided to walk back to her relatives home. As she was walking she got the feeling someone or thing was following her. She turned to look and saw and immense shadow following behind her. It flowed across the ground a fleeing shadow. she started to pick up her pace but it kept up with her. Finally when she felt she could not go any further. Headlights appeared down the road ahead of it was her relatives coming to find her. They noticed something dark and huge racing into the trees when they drove up. Later that month she was home in Window Rock when she heard her dog tied a chain in the back yard whining and crying. As she looked outside she saw a huge creature reach over the fence and grab the dog chains and all and run off with it. She never saw it again. She moved soon after that.

A cousin of mine was at a 49'er
[a party with pow wow drummers] one night when he decided to walk home. As he passed an old home he heard something inside crying and mewling. Thinking someone was hurt he went inside not realizing it was a death hogan. When he came into the room where he heard the noise he saw one of the most horrifying sights he'd ever the bathtub was a creature in the process of was hairy from the waist down and seemed like it was melting...he saw the creature change from a human shape to an creature to this day he refuses to describe. Later on his home was constantly plagued by visitations from these creatures trying to get to him but luckily he had the place blessed earlier. There were times he would see dark silhouettes standing outside his window with glowing red eyes. They couldn't get in but the fear radiating from them weakened him so much he had to crawl out his room to get away...he wasn't able to walk. I saw him days later hiding out in a hotel room shaking like an old man. My brother had to perform a ceremony to help him overcome the fear and illness caused by the Naagloshi. These are just a few of he stories that I know of and I will share the rest later when it's daylight...night is coming and I don't want to continue this until daylight comes again tomorrow.

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Sylvia K said...

Always love the stories! They're fascinating. Real or imagined, I think we all have skinwalkers in our lives.