Monday, June 27, 2011

A Couple More Things About Bodega Bay

I showed you some photos last week from our recent trip to Bodega Bay. I wanted to share one more with you.

If you ever watched Alfred Hitchcock's thriller movie, The Birds (1963), this sign might make you smile. The movie that left us all so frightened whenever two or more birds gathered together was filmed right in the little town of Bodega Bay.

Apparently, the town has never forgotten. You can read all about the filming and locations on the website for the Inn of the Tides. And Tippi Hedren, star of the movie, still comes back to visit.

One more Bodega Bay note: I've been learning some new knitting techniques (more later on that subject) and have discovered the perfect yarn. I fell in love with Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace and--guess what? There is a beautiful color called Bodega Bay that perfectly captures all the shades of the hills, the skies, and the water there. I've got some on order, and will show you the project as soon as the yarn arrives by mail.


matron said...

I saw that film,it still has an effect on me,as you mentioned,more than a few rooks or crows flying overhead gives me the creeps.
We have a large colony of rooks in the trees down the road,I always avoid if I can.!!
Have a good week.

Margie's Musings said...

I saw it too. It scared me to death. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of suspense.

Ms. Becky said...

I own that film! It's one of my favorites, creepy and scary though it may be, it's so well-done by a master. I love that Tippi still returns to the scene! I'm looking forward to seeing this yarn too.

Quiet Paths said...

That's funny. I have seen about the first 15 minutes but then stopped. Couldn't do it! Those little coastal places have lots of fun shops.

Photo Cache said...

we have a friend who goes to bodega regularly with her high school buddies for a few days of knitting and quilting and she swore there are good places to get some fabrics and materi9al there.

Joyful said...

I saw that movie when I was a child and it frightened me so much. I didn't know it was filmed in Bodega Bay.