Monday, June 6, 2011

Peruvian Motifs

Weaving brought back from a trip

At my knitting group the other day, I was enjoying listening to the various conversations around the room, but my knitting project was almost putting me to sleep. As I have been knitting children's sweaters for Knit for Kids for--gosh, could it really be?--the last five years, I probably could continue knitting them in my sleep. 

And then, it happened--Carol strode into the room, arriving late* as she usually does--and literally pulled this wonderful weaving out of her bag. Don't you find it a lively and inspiring piece? So much life is packed into such a relatively small space!

Looking up at the various sprightly figures, then down again at my (yawn) bazillionth little kid sweater, I found that all kinds of ideas were suddenly percolating around in my head. I am certainly surrounded by talented knitters and crocheters in that group, and they are always coming up with wonderful projects. Perhaps it's time for me to try something new!


*Not that the term "late" has any real significance here in the Land of Mañana...


Margie's Musings said...

How pretty!!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness...that is remarkable! As someone who has almost no skills in the handiwork department, I am in awe.

And as to the sweaters you've knitted for kids: it might be a little boring to do after you've done so many, but I'm sure it's rewarding to imagine how delighted those children must be to know someone knitted a sweater just for them. I know it would make me incredibly happy.

clairz said...

Knitting those little sweaters does make me happy, Beth, and doing so has become what my hands do when they would otherwise be idle. I will keep on doing the sweaters, but I think it's time to engage my brain and learn something new as well. I've had some nice sock yarn for a while, just waiting. And I am planning a big spinning project for the summer and have an idea for that yarn. That Peruvian weaving may have just pulled me out of my rut!