Thursday, July 17, 2008

Endless Days...But Beautiful

Enough complaining. Here are some pictures of the beauty and wonders that surrounded us at Bottomless Lakes. All of these photos, except for the last one, were taken by Auntie Bucksnort.

Baby swallows in their nest by the bathroom entrance. They were guarded by three adults, who made every bathroom trip an adventure.

Once you got by the swallow guards, there was a tarantula doorman to greet you.
Vultures waiting for us to give up

Abundant plant life

Colorful mesquite beans
The little pirate band, temporarily in jail. Photo was taken just after Captain Emma ate all the leashes. (Left to right: Emma, licking her chops; Little Weets, aka Tiny Cujo; and Leny, my pillow mate).


Sylvia K said...

Really great photos! My son has a Cheaspeake Bay Retreiver named Mojo and I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Sam and they are quite a pair! Aren't dogs wonderful companions? Always enjoy your blog!


Towanda said...

Well, okay clair...

Setting up the tent trailer, sleeping problems, dogs hogging the limited space, snoring, tarantulas and vultures.

NOW I remember why I have not been a fan of camping since I was about 23 years old.

Give me a nice air conditioned motel with a king sized bed, a clean bathroom and a breakfast buffet and I am a happy ... uh, "camper".

But!!! Your tale is very amusing as long as it happened to the Zees and not me. LOL

Sylvia K said...

Thanks for the info about Elder Storytelling, I'll check it out. My stuff is most just ramblings through my own mind and at this point I'm not sure those would be of any interest to anyone. But I am having fun plus, sometimes just writing down those wispy thoughts and memories has a way of clarifying them in your own mind.

Jean said...

aaaahhh, the great open spaces. It was a wonderful trip. Heavenly. Perfect weather, perfect lake water, perfect food and perfect company.

But sooner or later, the sun always seems to set.........

3 homo sapiens in a cute little tent-trailer: interesting.

3 homo sapiens and 3 canines in a cute little tent-trailer: even more interesting.

3 homo sapiens, 3 canines and 25 flies in a cute little tent-trailer: priceless.

Speaking of flies, one of my most hilarious memories from this trip is watching you sitting outside in your comfy folding chair with your tumbler of ice water in one hand and a fly-swatter in the other. Talk about the Great American Myth of Sisyphus... one fly-swatter vs. 2.7 million flies. But I do always take inspiration from your perseverence lol.

It was a beautiful trip, especially for me - because I had the added entertainment value of watching the five Zee's in action over a few days.

Thanks again for such a fun camping trip.

Sincerely, your baby sister, Auntie Bucksnort.

Anonymous said...

Any campground that has a freaking spider as a doorman won't see me. EEEEK I'll take the flies and vultures anyway.