Thursday, July 10, 2008

Native American Cooking

In the comments on the book review for Canyon Gardens; The Ancient Pueblo Landscapes of the American Southwest, (see the post titled Designing Pragmatic Desert Built Environments), Erikka asked if I knew the title of a good Native American cook book. I love to cook and have a great little collection of New Mexico cook books, but none specifically on Native American cooking, although some may have a chapter or two devoted to the subject. For information and opinions, I turned to my helpful friends on the New Mexico Forum at City-Data, as I so often do.

You can see the discussion, now ongoing, and find some cook book titles at

For an online collection of Native American recipes, check out the Santa Ana Pueblo's web page, The Cooking Post, which is a wonderful resource for mail order foods, information, recipes, and even some cook books.

If you would like to check out a wonderful collection of favorite New Mexican recipes from some real experts, be sure to take a look at another ongoing discussion on the forum.

Erikka, thank you for your great input (and ideas for posts) on this blog!

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Erikka said...

Any time Clair! Thanks for doing the research for me.