Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Pintada Kid, Part 3

Photo from an old editorial cartoon (Library of Congress)

Here are some of the Pintada Kid's folk remedies and techniques, in his own words, as always.
I grew up in the Mountains with the Old people and learned lots of the Old ways including Medicinal Plants and Water Dousing etc. Can even tell you how far down the water is right down to the Foot.

My Suggestion to anyone who is afraid of Snakes is to see them at a Snake Roundup or even eat the Meat its good for High Blood Pressure and save that 400 or more Bucks you would pay a Therapist plus you could eat a Rattlsnake Burger and feel BETTER.

im still trying to Go to a Rattlesnake Roundup in Alamogordo and find some Rattlesnake Fat for Arthritis and some Bear Fat to Predict the weather

Rattlesnake meat is good for High Blood Pressure. The Fat is used for Arthritis and Rhemeutism it REALLY Works almost Immediately or for leg or toe Cramps or back pain or growing pains. You can also use Skunk fat but i prefer Rattlesnake Fat.

The Rattlesnake fat takes away the pain from Arthritis for months with one or two Applications. The Bear Fat you put in a Jar and put it on your South facing Window and if its Clear its a nice day and if it breaks up into little pieces its Windy and if it Drift like Snow in a Certain Direction its telling which direction a Snow storm is coming. Somewhere i have a Chart showing about over a half dozen weather patterns for Bear Fat.

You can Tan the [rattlesnake] Hide with Glycerine and Alcohol and the Bones of the Rattlesnakes can be made into necklaces.

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