Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School

Grandchildren off to first day of school (photo taken by their mom)
It's time for children and their teachers to go back to school, and it's the beginning of my second school year of retirement. I love all the memories of working with children, but I love my days now, too.

I'm looking forward to resuming my volunteer job as reading tutor one morning a week at one of the local schools. I continue to enjoy the idea of no plan books, no staff meetings, no professional development outlines, and no classroom discipline issues. No dealing with the latest new educational philosophy, or the latest in a changing cast of administrators. (You can tell I was so ready for retirement).

No schedule. It's a good life.


Sylvia K said...

What a darling picture! I love it! I'm a former teacher, too, but have to admit that I became very disenchanted with the politics of the educational system. I do miss the kids and make up for that by volunteering one day a week in a Jump Start program for pre-school kids and it is great fun! I look forward to this year.

Val said...

I LOVE this picture. It brings back so many memories!

Thanks for sharing it!

Linda Hillin said...

Wonderful picture. I can see you were ready for retirement, so was I. Not for one second have I looked back and wished I was working again. Retirement is wonderful.

Aimee said...

those are cute kids I am glad they are mine. Its cute you put them on your blog we love you Grandma Clair your the best!

clairz said...

As you can see, everyone else loved your wonderful photograph, too!