Friday, August 29, 2008

Further Adventures of Auntie Bucksnort and Uncle Balls

Waiting to run through the sprinklers

Now that we live in New Mexico we are pretty far away from the little kids in the family, so when Auntie Bucksnort's kids and grandkids came through Clovis recently we snapped lots of photos, went toad hunting around the front yard fountain, took a trip to the zoo, and generally wore our old selves out.

It's been a while since we heard the sound of little running feet in our houses. Gosh, those kids move fast, and it seems like they can pick up and move every object in a room in two minutes flat.

We had so many laughs. Momashi pitched a big Terrible Twos fit one day and no one could get her calmed down. She kept grabbing at her teeth, shrieking "Stuck! Stuck!" It took a while to figure out the problem. "Is there something in your mouth?" "Do your teeth hurt?"

It turned out that she had watched Bucksnort take out her removable teeth and put them on the dashboard of the car, a regrettable habit among some of our family members. Momashi wanted to take her teeth out, too, and no one could convince her that it wasn't possible. For all I know, she's still working on it.

Toots and Momashi, playing in Bucksnort's fountain

My husband, Beez, who is called Uncle Balls by this little pair for entirely innocent reasons known only to themselves, has a gruff demeanor that is irresistible to little kids. When it was time for us all to see them off, little Momashi gave him a great big kiss and thanked him for the toad hunt. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.


Sylvia K said...

Sounds like a fun time and I loved the part about taking out her teeth. Aren't kids wonderful!

Jean said...

I am just now getting my landlegs back after this historic visit.

I'm still finding members of a nomadic tribe of little neon-colored stretchy lizards in my fountain, under the recliner, in my houseplants, between the pages of magazines. This makes some kinda sense to me.

But the salt shaker in my underwear drawer, the toothbrush in the refrigerator; what is the mysterious logic that would explain their placement? Is that whole saltshaker business part of an ancient voodoo prosperity ritual? Kids these days.... they know so much more than we ever did. I blame the world wide interwebs.

It was great fun and a true little family reunion... something we hadn't had for quite a while.

However, now that the entire world knows all about how fond I am of taking my teeth out while I'm driving, I can never leave home again. So, big sister, I'll be emailing you my shopping list for the week and don't dilly-dally around, I've been out of polident since Friday.

clairz said...

Bucksnort! I do everything I can to protect your identity! People would be hard pressed to find a Bucksnort of the High Plains in the phone book or the online equivalent.

Now that I've gotten you all resentful over the removable teeth, just wait until you see what you get blamed for in the upcoming post on 9/2. Oh, I love having a blogless sister and a blog of my own.