Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Desperate Grandparents Take Desperate Measures

I am fascinated with this sign and must always take yet another photo of it whenever we pass by the Baylor Canyon trailhead at the base of the Organ Mountains.

Mind you, I am fascinated, yes, but not so much so that I wish to risk my life taking this hike. It is hot there on the trail in the summer--so hot and dry that you can't imagine being able to carry enough water to get you up over the pass--never mind back down again. And I would need an extra backpack to carry the necessary snake bite kits. I'm serious.

Now, Beez just sees this sign as a come-on. He tells me again and again how much he wants to take this hike when he is finally retired in a few months. I can imagine that I might want to accompany him some day. Maybe part of the way. Maybe in the dead of winter when the snakes are asleep. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Maybe not.

However, we got a laugh when checking out the hiking log at the beginning of the trail. Just in case you can't read the first hiking party registration, I'll post an enlarged section of the photo below.

Gotta love that grampy!


thesouthernlady64 said...

I guess I am just not adventurous. That sign would be enough to turn me around in a minute. I love the one about the grandkids, too. Mention rattlesnake to me and I would be out of there!

becky said...

Hi Clair,
yes, that sign would make me think twice, too. I would definitely wait until the fall when it's much cooler... and get a pre-dawn start. oh, and really watch for snakes!

JC said...

Love that one !!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like your hubby has a case of bravado....bring it on! hehe!

I would do that hike in the winter. I do love a challenge, but I'd still bring my llamas to carry all the gear and water....though I suppose we'd not require the snake kits that time of year (whew!).

I was hiking by myself up at Ojo Caliente almsot 2 weeks ago and I had to crawl up a scree slope....not easy with my knees...but easier having my trekking poles. All of a sudden I heart it.....the tell tale rattling. It's so difficult sometimes to track where the soun is coming from when you are in a canyon because the soun resonates.

But it sounded far enough away and above me that I felt comfortable (and eager) to make a hasty retreat. Looking back I truly don't remember climbing down from that slope at all. I think my brain was on auto-pilot and blocked everything else out. gah!

What a funny log in by the grandparents.


clairz said...

Yikes, Lisa, do you read what you just wrote? "...hiking BY MYSELF...?" Does that really sound like a good plan? You're scaring me, crawling around with rattlers. Take care, please.

Then again, you can tell by my post that I'm a real ninny.

ga.farmwoman said...

Rattlesnakes sure are pretty though. I don't want to be best friends with them, but I do like to look at them. (before FarmMan gets ahold of them!)

I understand completely about the tiring out the grandkids comment. I am usually tired out before they are.

Have a great day.

Deb said...

Hmmmm...I'm not sure about those grandparents! What a hoot. "Took the kids on a long walk today..." Wow! They must have been desperate to make those kids take a nap! Funny.