Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Adventures of Caption Boy; Metablogging in a Little Town on the Prairie

Looks like Pisa; scene near my accidental prairie

This blog began as a way for me to describe, mostly to myself, the differences between living in New England and the Southwest. Somehow it morphed into a place for me to rave on about my childhood and books and chiles and oral history and politics and prairie dogs and posole. There was even an entire two weeks of pancake recipes that came as a complete surprise to me. I look back over each month's output and honestly wonder where all this stuff comes from.

While I'm telling you about the very blog you are already reading (in our family, we call it being "caption boy") I guess I should tell you a bit about me.

Never mind. In writing classes they always say show it, don't tell it. If up until now you have thought of me as a practical person; someone who looks a lot like a really really short Michael Phelps with a few variations; someone who loves T.S. Eliot and Vonnegut and hates Walmart but ends up shopping there anyway; someone who accidentally lives in a very flat place; someone who shouted in a rage at a nice old lady at the senior center today because she was saying that we have to vote in the Republicans again so they can keep us safe from The Terrorists; someone with more dogs than sense; someone with an odd sticky-outy haircut periodically touched up by a hysterically laughing sister called, most peculiarly, Auntie Bucksnort; someone (help!) who is almost terminally confused by the function of the comma, let alone the semicolon, and who is inordinately fond of the word penultimate; and someone who can't remember where she/I/they were/was going with this sentence... Well, who cares? I'm sure you got lost way back there.

Anyway, here is a tiny glimpse of a previously unknown facet of my secret life out here on the prairie. Cue the runway music, please.

Take a look at these gorgeous websites: James Coviello and his Fall 2008 Show, and the fabulously named Weardowney and their Spring/Summer 2008 Show. I visit these guys when preparing for yet another dismal trip to Walmart, searching for that elusive best deal on laundry detergent.


Sylvia K said...

I absolutely love your sense of humor and enjoy your posts everyday -- that you write one and many of them I read over again.

Towanda said...

I guess I would have to say I absolutely agree with the nice little old lady at the senior center ... and THANK GOODNESS little old ladies are still interested in politics/government in this country.

Margie's Musings said...

I find it sad that the little old lady has forgotten the last eight years. She is a fine example of the "ignorance" factor in this country.

Anyhow, I enjoy your blog.

clairz said...

You know what I find sad, Margie? [According to some polls] half of the country truly believes one way, and the other half truly believes the other; and we have no idea how to begin a dialog that would bring us to any kind of compromise or consensus. It's very frightening because whichever way the election goes, half of the country will feel disenfranchised at the best, and enraged at the worst.