Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some More Baby Blankets

I knit furiously all the time, it seems. In the car (passenger seat only, never while driving!), while watching a movie or the news, and when "unwinding" from another peaceful day of retirement. I suppose I could knit and read at the same time--I've actually tried it--but it seems unnecessarily tense and a rather silly thing to do.

Lately, I've been finishing up several projects that were somehow all underway at the same time. Here are my Baby Blankets #9 and #10 for the local group that distributes them to new mothers. Both patterns are from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, by Barbara G. Walker.

As always, the babies are not very critical. Good thing, too, because my leaf rows look a little windblown on that Traveling Leaf blanket.

Lace Check Pattern

Traveling Leaf Pattern


Erikka said...

i really like the traveling leaf pattern! where did you find it?

Quiet Paths said...

Lucky babes.

clairz said...

Thank you both for leaving comments on my blog. It's always great to see who is reading.

Erikka, the pattern came from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, by Barbara G. Walker. I wish my photo showed it in more detail, but I'm still a little frightened of my close-up lens. Got to get over that!