Monday, September 1, 2008

It Feels a Little Bit Like Fall

Change is a measure of time and, in the autumn, time seems speeded up. What was is not and never again will be; what is is change.
~Edwin Teale

Even though we are relatively new to this High Plains country, the signs of the coming autumn are surprisingly familiar. I am reminded, in some essential way that I don't really have to think about, that the cooler days are coming.

The late August call of the blue jay sounds just the way it did back in New Hampshire. At night, the toads and the crickets sing to say that they will soon be leaving us. A couple of trees in the neighborhood have a different look to the color of their leaves. Just a slightly different look.

Back in New Hampshire, I would watch for that branch high on the big maple tree near the fruit stand off High Street. It always turned scarlet every year as school was starting. Way too soon, we would think.

A schoolteacher friend in Maine used to tell me that her last daylily would bloom just before the first day of school. Here in eastern New Mexico, we will still have flowers blooming right into November, but we know it's time for school to start by the smell of chiles roasting.

We still slip into shorts and tee shirts every morning, confident of the continuing warmth of our days. But we know the changes are coming.


Margie's Musings said...

We've had a very strange summer here in Kansas. Most days have been more like fall.

Sylvia K said...

Like last year, we've had very little summer, but the flowers and trees and colors are always beautiful. The year and a half that I've been in Seattle is the first time I've worn sweatshirts all summer long. Still, it's better than panting with the heat. It's easier to be able to put on another layer -- only so many you can take off without getting arrested.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fall is in the air and it feels SO GOOD! Lets get the sweats out and enjoy. Because won't be long we will be getting into the good ole Long Johns. Because Mr. Winter will soon arrive. I wonder if the pool will feel as good as it does in the summer months? We shall soon find out won't we?
But, I so enjoy the time we spend together when we are together/ The Pool Pals.... what a wonderful "Circle of friends" they are becoming. I look forward to many days ahead and not to forget those yummy donuts we oft times share.
But, we must not forget our faithful leader "COACH HOLLY"....
She is the best.
That was quite a touching story Clair about the children. Thank you for sharing your Blogger with all of us.
I just know you are far from done on your ventures. Retirement is GRAND.
See you soon Sis...
Lilly H.

AlisonL said...

I am looking forward to my first fall in NM, however I just cannot seem to want to decorate. It is still too much summerlike.
I actually was chilly this morning, so maybe I am getting used to the weather.

Erikka said...

what a beautiful quote. i love fall in new england, one of many reasons I can't ever leave this place for long. sounds like you've found ways to connect though the old to the new.