Saturday, September 13, 2008

Her Life Before Her Eyes

Now here's some irony. I would like to recommend that you watch this movie, but I can't tell you why. I won't give you a link so that you can read more information about it, because that might spoil it for you. I can't explain why we talked and talked about the movie after we'd watched it, and why we decided to slit open the Netflix envelope so we could watch it once more before sending it back. It's called Her Life Before Her Eyes, it was made in 2007, directed by Vadim Perelman, and it stars Uma Thurman.

That's all I can tell you, except that although I was worried that it might be too far outside my comfort zone, being about events surrounding a Columbine-like shooting at a high school, it turned out to be an amazing viewing experience.

I usually stick to feel-good movies and I love the ones made from classic children's stories (I hope you remember that I am a retired children's librarian). My current favorite is The Secret Garden because it is so beautifully filmed and even though there are some slightly spooky parts, it all turns out well in the end. And, see, I've even given you a nice link to more information about it.

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Erikka said...

I've seen this on the On Demand feature of our cable and wondered about I'm gonna watch it!

thanks for the recommendation.