Monday, September 8, 2008


I'd just as lief be riding a camel...

What a strange word--colloquialisms. Anyway, I collect them, and am fascinated with some of the wonderful ones that I hear around this area. I loved it when one of my knitting ladies mentioned that someone had "split the sheet," because it was such a wonderfully expressive phrase, and I was only slightly saddened when I learned that it meant "divorced."

I am charmed when Towanda from Kansas writes that she has been "out of pocket" lately, which I take to mean "not around much" (??), although my Texas knitting lady uses the same expression for "a little bit misplaced" as in, "my keys aren't lost, they're just out of pocket."

I need to ask for your help with the word "peer." I saw it in a comment in response to a blog post and I'm hoping the blogger is reading this. I can't find it again (hey, it's out of pocket!) to be sure, but I believe that it was used in a sentence something like this--"I'd peer be doing [something]..."--much like some people might say "I'd just as lief be doing [something, whatever], which, in turn, means "I'd rather be doing [whatever]...

Can you help me? Have you seen that blog comment somewhere? Is it on your blog? Can you define "peer" as it is used colloquially?

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Margie's Musings said...

I can't help you. To me a peer is someone your age.