Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cheap Tricks

My husband belongs to a local golf club. Yesterday he received a message from the owner of the club who used the club membership list to send out a mass emailing with the title: "Can Good Muslims Be Good Americans?"

I was going to quote the message in its entirety, but I would hate for anyone else to grab it off this page and send it along as truth. I can't even begin to tell you how angry I am that these sort of lies are circulated from right here in the Bible Belt, where people purport to be religious. This is pure ignorance in all its glory, and it makes me ashamed to live in the same town where people think it's okay to circulate such drivel. It's nothing less than a call to domestic terrorism and religious warfare, as far as I'm concerned.

Here are a few quotes (in italics) from the message. I haven't made any spelling or grammar corrections:

Perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMSin this country. They obviously cannot be bothgood Muslims and good Americans.

Call it what you wish, it's still the truth. Youhad better believe it. The more who understand this, thebetter it will be for our country and our future.

Thereligious war is bigger than we know or understand .. .

And Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim, wants to be ourPresident? You have GOT to be kidding! Wake up America!Obama even says if he wins the election, he will besworn in on the Quran---not a Bible!

The Muslims have said they willdestroy us from within. Hello! Having a Muslim presidentwould seem to fit the bill! Will you trust this man withour national secrets?

Beez returned the email with a request that nothing like this be sent to him ever again. I hope that he will resign from the club and request a refund of the fee he has paid.

If you would like to send a protest, you may contact:

The Chaparral Country Club

The Clovis News Journal (local newspaper)


Sylvia K said...

I am just as outraged by this as you and your husband are -- many of us are. I will try to send something to that club, but the link didn't work, so I'll see if I can find out somewhere or if you have any further information, feel free to email me. Thanks for speaking out!

Linda said...

I wonder how much of this is going on around the country. The Clovis News Journal editor, David Stevens, can be reached through the following address.

clairz said...

Thanks, Linda and Sylvia. I fixed the links in the post.

bobbie said...

Hi. I'm here because of your comment on Sylvia's post.

This just leaves me sputtering in anger. Words fail. The ignorance...

I become more grateful every day for being able to blog, and learn that there are so many others out there who are not so blind as these people. Please God, there will be enough to Place Barack in office.