Friday, September 19, 2008

What Happened Next

If you read the post Chasing Salvation a few days back, where the Elvis impersonators were milling around in town while a nice lady finally snapped and chased a Gremlin down the street, you might have thought--oh, that clairz, she makes up the weirdest stuff.

However, that was a true story and I was trying to write out my anger at what happened next. The nice lady who snapped is none other than our own Auntie Bucksnort, and she has started a blog so that you can read her firsthand account of the medieval treatment of the mentally ill right here in eastern New Mexico, right here in the 21st century.

You won't believe it. I didn't believe anything so brutal and dehumanizing could happen in modern times. Please read How I Spent My Summer Vacation on the new blog, but first... Feel free to leave comments--Bucksnort needs our support.

Sylvia, way off in Washington state, has also written about the situation on her blog (with this follow-up) and the story is starting to reach some people here in Curry County who have already been working to change this appalling system.

Here in New Mexico, we are contacting organizations that advocate for the mentally ill and deal with reports of patient abuse. I will let you know what happens next.


Auntie Bucksnort said...

Thank you my dear big sister. Sincerely, Auntie Bucksnort.

p.s. take this part out: you wrote two "been" 's in this line:

here in Curry County who have been already been working to change this appalling system.

clairz said...

Thanks, Bucky, I made the change. See what happens when I type while frothing at the mouth?

dz said...

Like I said on Auntie Bucksnort's comment section...I am speechless and irate! If I can do anything to help with the crusade from CA let me know!!! Otherwise...with the housing market in the toilet you can buy easily in CA now and you all can move here! Then almost all of the kids will be here to help. We'll just have to work on BV next!