Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day of Enchantment

Here is a different view of the camel who was in one of my photo entries

The New Mexico Day of Enchantment Photo Contest has come to an end and you can see all the photos here. When viewing the pictures, you can just wander around randomly, or you can pick a certain hour of the day and check out views during that time from all over the state. You can find my photos (or anyone else's) by using the search feature; mine are under "clairz."

Thank you all for taking the time to vote. It was my first time to enter a contest as a very beginning amateur. When you look around at the pictures, you will see what I mean!

All the winners, the top vote getters, and the prizes are shown on this page.


JC said...

So where were you that you talked to a camel ?

clairz said...

JC, my sister and I were out on a bike ride back when we lived in Clovis (NM) and stopped to meet this camel who was out grazing in a field all by him/herself--a very sweet, absolutely enchanting camel.

BdVdB said...

Very sweet! Smiling and joking camel!

becky said...

what a fun & interesting photo. i went to the link... i think i found the one you were speaking of of white sands. did it have a car driving through the water?
i wish i would have know about the contest earlier... i have some decent photos from living in Santa Fe. The grand prize photo was pretty spectacular!

clairz said...

Becky, I wish you had known about the contest, too, with your wonderful photos. Be sure to enter next year.

Here is a better link to the photo I was talking about: http://www.dayofenchantment.com/entries/46778