Monday, June 7, 2010

Heating Up

We're sitting under a large upper level ridge of high pressure that will be hovering over us for several days to come. This means that we will be experiencing triple-digit temperatures--104 to 107--for several days and that our nights will be in the mid-70s, rather than providing their normal cool relief.

In this kind of weather, everything gets done very early and the rest of the day is spent staying cool, away from the sun, and drinking lots of water.

Sometime during the night, irrigation water was let into the orchards surrounding our house. It gives an illusion of coolness and ensures that the trees get a nice drink of water, too.

I've just been learning to use my new little Canon PowerShot camera for the first time today. I bought it for its lightweight portability, which will come in handy when taking bike rides. I love its beautiful green color! My other camera, bigger and heavier, is getting used to some new tripod shooting experiences. Fun!


Beth said...

It's been dreadfully hot here, too, Clair. And humid. We've had to resort to using air-conditioning (which we almost never do). At least, I'll bet you don't have the humidity there!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

How hot is it?

- It's so hot that my crocks shrank because I left them outside yesterday.
- It's so hot that my catnip plant fried in the sun.
- It's so hot that my volunteer morning glories are blooming already.
- It's so hot that my cats play dead all day on the cool wood floor.
- It's so hot that the aphids are disappearing off of my roses.

The Cunning Runt said...

Clair, nice photos.

I have a Canon Powershot Pro 1 which vies for a spot as my favorite camera, despite being a very little brother to my bigger DSLR. I totally love it, including its articulated screen - I hope you have that, It's a really useful feature.

Thanks for stopping by my place, your comments are always fun and insightful!