Monday, June 21, 2010


This post is especially for my Pacific Northwest blogger friend, JC, whose blog is called Lilacs & Cats. We are cat fans, JC and I, and both of us have had lynx point Siamese--very beautiful cats. Although JC is off in Hawaii at the moment, I hope she'll come across this post sooner or later.

Our Gracie, a rescue who we got last year in June, is shown here "playing" with Bertie Pierre. You can see the rest of the story, if you wish, at Gracie Under Fire. Back in those days, Gracie was a pale silvery color with some faint markings along her back and dark striping on her head, tail, and legs.

Now, here she is a year later. She is developing all kinds of spots and generally getting darker all over, as do most Siamese. She is a beautiful cat and really likes her life here with us.


the7msn said...

Whoa...for a second there I thought I took a wrong turn in Tucumcari. Love the new look!

clairz said...

Thank you, Linda. I put this blog together on a Mac and happened to see it on a PC the other day and realized just how dark and hard to read it looked on another monitor. Good lesson for me.

Blogger has just introduced a lot of design options and I had fun playing around. You should see the recipe blog (Recipes for Ben)--it makes me want to eat tomatoes!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

I've never been accused of being religious, but in Gracie's case, I make an exception to my "cynical realism" view of the world. I am thoroughly convinced that our Miss Gracie was sent from that "magical realism" kingdom in the sky - sent to charm us into believing that there is truly magic in the world. I won't keep gushing, I'll just say that Gracie is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen and she has a spirit to match.

Please post some pics of her ethereal egyptian profile sometime, will you? (Can you tell I'm a fan?)

Sandy ~~~ said...

Used to have a "Gracie" but she was a elegant black Tennessee Walker. Both our girls, yours and mine, are gorgeous babes!

JC said...

Oh my ... you took my heart away for a moment. My Lilly Ann (profile photo) was a almost look alike to your Gracie. Not as many spots though ...

(I just got back late last night)

Thank You !!!!!!!!!