Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early June Crops

Here we are in the first part of June, and the local farmers have already made their second cutting of hay. They have perfect weather this week for drying it.

We always used to say that corn should be knee high by the 4th [of July]. As a home gardener in both Washington state and New Hampshire, I used to despair when looking at my straggly corn rows in late June. Here they are well over knee high, and we still have almost a month to go until the 4th.

The onion harvest has begun, and will last into late July or early August. You can see some photos and read about the harvest here. Doña Ana County is a great onion producer, one of the leading counties in the state. It harvested 180 million pounds of red, white, and yellow onions in 2008.

Across the road from our house, there is a huge field of some kind of cabbage. I checked out the growth on my morning walk and it looks like there should be a harvest coming soon.


the7msn said...

Second cutting?! That's amazing. We have yet to have the first cutting up here. A few hundred miles sure makes a difference. Hope it's cooling off a little for you.

JC said...

You always have such great information. Knee high by July ... love that one.