Thursday, June 10, 2010

Breakfast at the Paisano Café

Gateway to the Calle

Looking toward the café entrance

I liked the Paisano Café down in Mesilla for several reasons. Although the decor was nothing special, the place is new, attractive, and has patio seating--always a good thing--with wonderful views of the Organ Mountains. The menu was a little pricey, but everything is homemade and the breakfast choices were nicely done. I'd like to go back to try out the lunch and supper menus, as well as that patio seating. If you go to their website you can see all the menus and prices.

I especially liked finding this new (to me) little out-of-the-way street, the Calle de Mercado, which had a beautiful fountain at its center. As you probably know, anything with water, especially moving water, is a big attraction in this part of the world.

Neighbors of the café include a kitchen supply store/cooking school, Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe; Lorenzo's de Mesilla (Italian restaurant); the Luna Rossa Winery, which had some gorgeous landscaping; and the Preston Contemporary Art Center, which I have wanted to visit. Since we were there early on a Sunday morning before the shops were open, we'll have to go back some other time to check out the winery and the gallery.

Calle de Mercado fountain with the Luna Rossa Winery in the background
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thesouthernlady64 said...

I can tell how much you are enjoying your new home and discovering all the things it has to offer. I love eating breakfast out and that place sounds great. I am still voting! Have a good day.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Sounds yummy....and my tummy is growling! Looking forward to reading more on your blog about my state-to-be! Thanks!