Saturday, June 12, 2010

Digital Challenge

Linda, over at the 7MSN Ranch blog, has offered to fix some photos for her loyal readers. Since I have little understanding of the possibilities of what can be done with Photoshop, I am posting two photos here so she can choose whichever seems to be appropriate.

These pictures were taken on one of those winter mornings when I realized that the sky colors, just glimpsed from my pillow when I first opened my eyes, were going to be fleeting. I rushed out in bare feet and nightgown (no photos of that!) to brave the frightened glances of the morning commuters. No glasses--no fiddling with the camera.

I don't ever think that any of my photos are in focus. We'll just let Linda choose one of these and see what she can do with it, if anything...

Don't forget to keep voting every day in the New Mexico Day of Enchantment Photo Contest, which is continuing to the end of June.


the7msn said...

I would choose either the bottom one...or the photo in your header? In either case, I would remove the utility pole and wires, in addition to whatever else I end up doing. Surprise me and email the largest file you have of one of those.

clairz said...

Linda, you are right--it should probably be the header photo! I have emailed it as a large file to you. Can't wait!