Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lunch at Peppers

You may recall that I recently wrote about an amazing brunch at the historic Double Eagle Restaurant in nearby Old Mesilla. The same building houses Peppers (also known as Peppers
Café or Peppers on the Plaza), which has a slightly more casual setting.

It is the setting that I have loved since the first time we dined there, fifteen years ago. The whole cafe is really a covered patio arranged around a huge fountain. Above the tables and around the edge of the room is a plant shelf that holds a variety of bougainvilleas and geraniums in bloom.

Here are links to the lunch and dinner menus. By now, you will have noticed that I only tell you about restaurants that I really love and highly recommend, so you won't be surprised when I say that the San Franciscan ("king of southwestern sandwiches"--turkey, bacon, green chile, avocado, tomato, and Monterey jack cheese on sourdough) and the raspberry-turkey sandwich (on croissant or sourdough) are to die for.

We haven't been there for dinner in a while, but I can tell you that Beez swears by the salmon (now flown in fresh twice a week) in orange-chipotle sauce.

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JC said...

I voted
Those sound delic to me

June Saville said...

Hello Clair
I see you are having an idyllic retirement - those occupations you mention on your sidebar are all 'must haves'for me too.
Of course I recall now that your move was some time ago and judging by your blog you're having a wonderful time.
How is Jean? I often think of her and wish her well ...

clairz said...

JC, you would love the place, I'm sure.

June, Auntie Bucksnort has moved to a place of her own and is working part time for the state, no less. Big success story there! I'll pass on your greetings.